Bulk & Special Orders

I need to order by the trailer load or half-trailer load.  Great! We're glad to help.

Bulk orders exceeding several pallets can present difficulties when calculating freight costs.  However, we have nationwide shipping capabilities on all major & minor carriers in order to provide you with even deeper discounted pricing than advertised on our website.

 How do I place a full trailer or half trailer load order?  Simply follow the process below.

1. Click Here, email us at support@balerwire.com, or call us at (314) 485-WIRE.
2. Please provide us with the type(s) of Baling Wire needed, quantities, and the exact address for delivery.
3. An electronic quote will be emailed to you that will allow you to complete your order directly from the email.
4. Upon receipt of your payment, your order will be released for processing & shipment.
5. Your ship date confirmation will be emailed to you, so now it's time to kick back & relax.

I need to place a custom order that I don't see available on your site.  No problem!

While we strive to make every potential product available via our website, sometimes it's just not feasible with the many variables required by certain industries or customers.  We have the capability to accommodate just about any customization required, so please don't hesitate to ask.  Just complete our Contact Us form with your request specifics and we'll respond immediately to get the ball rolling with one of our expert staff members.